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Review : Zealotry - The Last Witness by Pasif Agresif Webzine

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Via Pasif Agresif Webzine (translated) : "One of the stars of 2016 is arguably Phil Tougas. First he shot with CHTHE'ILIST. “ Le Dernier Crépuscule ” has already guaranteed to be one of the best albums of the year. Then came the second album "The Last Witness" by another death metal band, ZEALOTRY. Subsequently, FIRST FRAGMENT - “ Dasein ”, one of the best technical death metal albums of the year, took our minds with Tougas and his friends.

You would not have completed your trilogy without hosting ZEOLATRY on our site. After all, promoting quality music is our number one task, right?

ZEALTORY is a US death metal band. ZEALOTRY, who approaches the genre from a non-standard perspective and evaluates the elasticity of death metal very well with a positive negativity, is approaching death metal with a very grotesque artistry in his second album "The Last Witness". The group has an atonal, inconsistent, but deep, dense and artistic side-like structure at CHTHE'ILIST.

It is not that the group has to adopt a character that has emotions and adds contrasting elements with death metal. ZEALOTRY offers a very clear death metal, but it does so with layers that are so subtly intertwined that it creates extremely full and multidimensional music. This highly organic death metal with no artificial side; his general character and coolness puts the DEMILICH school in his father and partly the formlessness of GORGUTS in our ears. Nowadays, which can be interesting only by doing the unfamiliar, ZEALOTRY offers this very conscious and solid foundation. There are only incompatible notes, chords that are anxious to create uneasiness, and no strangeness. ZEALOTRY has signed an album that completely internalizes this approach of death metal, draws character motifs for a certain share and also achieves its purpose in this direction. You don't have to do much to see that "The Last Witness" is not trying to do anything, it is something it is. Along with Rifler, the melodies they evolved, the bass that support them, the drums that strengthen the organic boneiness created, and the vocals riding on them, we can clearly say that "The Last Witness" is a very good and, more importantly, characterful album. If you love Death metal but are tired of their formulas, especially if you want to listen to something different, grotesque and so subconsciously rooted in your feelings, give ZEALOTRY a chance. Especially if you are a lucky audience who loves “Le Dernier Crépuscule”, don't think for a minute; guarantee you will find something you will like." 8/10.

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