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Atramentus - Stygian Cassette

Atramentus - Stygian artwork & Cassette JCARD layout - 2020 - 20 Buck Spin

This artwork was made for the cassette version of the album "Stygian" by extreme funeral doom/dark ambient band Atramentus, due on 20 Buck Spin in August 2020. Since the 2 panel artwork made by Mariusz Lewandoski worked better for the CD and Vinyl version, I opted for creating an alternate artwork myself for the cassette version of the album that captured the essense of the record with a simpler, more minimalist approach. I took my inspiration from various Doomsword and Solstice tape layouts as well as Funeral & Evoken's demos. Worship's legendary demo "Last Tape Before Doomsday" is obviously amongst the list of releases I've paid tribute to as well.

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