Via First Fragment's facebook page :

"Our new album "Gloire Éternelle" will come out October 29th on 2LP/CD/Digital via Unique Leader Records and on tape via Productions TSO. Pre orders available here :

Tracklisting : 1 - Gloire Éternelle (8:41) 2 - Solus (4:35) 3 - La Veuve & Le Martyr (5:37) 4 - Pantheum (4:36) 5 - De Chair & De Haine (9:03) 6 - Sonata en Mi Mineur (5:45) 7 - Ataraxie (5:16) 8 - Soif Brûlante (6:53) 9 - In'el (18:54) 10 - Mort Éphémère (2:08)

Line-up :

David AB - Lead & backing vocals (mids, highs, yells)

Phil Tougas - Lead, rhythm & classical guitars, backing vocals (lows, highs, gurgles, yells), keyboards, effects, intros, additional percussions

Nick “Thriller” Miller - Lead & rhythm guitar

Dominic “Forest” Lapointe - Fretless lead bass

Nicholas “Le Fou” Wells - Drums. percussions & additional back vocals (yells)

Additional musicians :

Vincent Savary (Ex-First Fragment) - 2nd bass solo in In’el

David AB, Phil Tougas, Nicholas Wells & Steven Henry (Ex Neuraxis) - Warchoir

Production & artwork :

Phil Tougas - Producer, Recording/Engineering (vocals, guitars), additional editing (drums) at Stygian Studios (Longueuil)

Hugues Deslauriers - Mixing, Re-amping (Guitars, Bass) at Roarrr Sound Studios (Montreal)

Mathieu Marcotte - Mastering at Humanoise Studios (Montreal)

Chris Donaldson - Recording/engineering (drums, bass) at The Grid (Montreal)

Jonathan Mazzeo - Assistant engineering (drums, bass) at The Grid (Europe)

Pierre Tougas - Additional engineering

Andrew Allstone - Additional engineering

Marc Roy - Additional engineering

Adam Burke/Nightjar Illustration - Album cover art

Chimère Noire - Layout

Charles Benoit - Logo

All lyrics and concepts by David AB

All songs composed by Phil Tougas except : 6 by Phil Tougas / Gabriel Brault-Pilon, 7-8 by Brault-Pilon / Tougas

All arrangements by Tougas, Forest, Wells, Miller, Brault-Pi lon

Gloire Éternelle was composed between 2006-2021 & recorded between February 2020-February 2021

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The CALI DEATH PODCAST is hosted by Anthony Trapani (Odious Mortem/Severed Savior), Joel Horner and KC Howard (Odious Mortem/Decrepit Birth) and Josef Kay (To Violently Vomit/Transcend the Realm), whom brings long-form discussions and interviews with legends and contemporaries of Death Metal and its encompassing musical sphere. On this episode, they inquired about the history of First Fragment, as well as the new record "Gloire Éternelle" set to release October 29th. More in this video :

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