I am now offering hourly skype guitar lessons for intermediate to advanced metal guitar players. Through these courses, I aim to help, coach and guide fellow guitarists through the complex mechanics of heavy metal guitar stylings but more importantly, I aim to help them play what they hear in their heads and reach their goals. The knowledge I have gained over many years of touring and writing, producing and releasing numerous releases is openly shared through online classes that I dubbed MOLTEN CHOPS that have a primary focus on the following : -Exploration of guitar techniques & exercises -Improvisation, Guitar Meditation -Songwriting, counterpoint, harmony, theory

-Musical self-expression, confidence and conviction, fretboard fluidity -Production

The metal scene is a place for everyone and everyone who invests time into honing their craft to play this genre should have access to all the guidance, teachings and help they are able to get to make their dreams come true and enrich the musical scene. For more information about my hourly rates and to book a free consultation, please drop me a line at FirstFragmentQC@hotmail.com

Speak soon!

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Updated: May 4

-I have launched a label called Productions TSO. It will have licensing rights to re-issue and co-release some of my past and upcoming releases, namely the First Fragment album currently being mixed (though ULR handles the main release).

-I have two new projects in the works :

CRESTFALLEN - Epic Doom/Power Metal. Think of it as a blend between Memento Mori, early Solitude Aeturnus, ToC-era Candlemass and USPM bands like Fates Warning, Lethal and similar stuff with glass-shattering vocals. I think this one has so much potential already, despite how unusual this blend of subgenres is.

DICYMERIAN - Sci-fi Power/Speed Metal of the most technical kind inspired by the German/Japanese/Canadian/US/Brazilian/Shrapnel schools of the genre. The album will feature songs with a very aggressive edge. It will also feature the newer material I originally wrote for Eternity's End's 3rd album since the band and I parted ways earlier this year over creative differences. It is also my plan to do a re-recording/re-working of the song "The Arsenal" which I received permission to do so from Avalon/Marquee. With that said, I wish them the best of luck and do encourage people to check out the upcoming EE album despite my absence from it.

I don't expect to find vocalists for either bands anytime soon so it'll be a slow thing. These will be 2023 releases (if not later) as far as I'm concerned because it will take me a while to write the rest of both full length albums all while a new CHTHE'ILIST record is being composed. Both bands will also be thematically connected to the ever-expending ATRAMENTUS/CHTHE'ILIST lore.

-A New Voidceremony demo has been tracked. The cassette will be released by 20 Buck Spin eventually and will serve as a preview to what the band's next full length will be like.

-Stygian by Atramentus was re-issued by 20 Buck Spin once again.

-A new Cosmic Atrophy record is in the works.

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California-based death/black metal band Voidceremony have announced a line-up change and issued the following statement : "From the farthest reaches of The Perpetual Planes and the deepest bowels of The Xexanotth, the Hyperborean Apparition is summoned forth by Wandering Mind using the phantasmal evocation" The band is to release a live promo soon and is currently demoing new material, just mere months after releasing their debut album on 20 Buck Spin which was recently repressed on vinyl. The album can be streamed below. VoidCeremony 2020 : Wandering Mind : Vocals/Guitar Hyperborean Apparition : Guitar The Great Righteous Destroyer (Stargazer/Mournful Congregation) : Session Bass CK : Drums

Via 20 Buck Spin : "Circulating in the pits of the deepest underground for nearly seven years, Ramona, CA’s Voidceremony present their long awaited first full length album, ‘Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel’. While earlier releases hinted at the band’s unique potential and frenzied imagination, on ‘Entropic…’ it takes its most actualized form thus far, looking ahead to darker visions of indefinable cosmic obscurity." https://www.voidceremony.com


https://www.instagram.com/voidceremony https://www.20buckspin.com/products/voidceremony-entropic-reflections-continuum-dimensional-unravel-lp?_pos=1&_sid=15b868faf&_ss=r https://listen.20buckspin.com/album/entropic-reflections-continuum-dimensional-unravel

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