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Label News : Quebec Heavy Metal pioneers DDT sign with Productions TSO for demo re-issues

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

"Productions TSO will be releasing D.D.T's 1987 demo in early 2023. This 8 song demo was never put in circulation back in the day and its release will be something fans of classic canadian heavy metal will not want to miss. Founded in the late 70s by Pierre Tougas, Paul Tougas & François Tougas, DDT is known as the first Quebecois heavy metal band. The band has toured consistently and shared the stage numerous times with bands like Voivod, Anvil, Sword and the likes, all while releasing numerous demos throughout the 80s as well as the mythical "Let The Screw" EP in 1984 and the Victims LP in 1989. The 1987 demo's sound quality is almost album worthy, featuring perhaps some of the best vocals ever heard in the genre. The band made a reunion show with Exciter in 2018 and recorded a live dvd, featuring Phil Tougas on 2nd lead guitar."

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