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News : First Fragment issues post-tour statement ; tour merch leftovers up for sale

Via First Fragment :

"35 days, 24 shows (plus a wedding!) later, we are finally home! Our first US tour was a truly amazingexperience on all fronts. It was long overdue for us to come perform in America and we are grateful for this excellent opportunity. We will return! And the East Coast will get a taste!

We would like to thank our new best friends in Greylotus, A Wake In Providence & Arkaik for undertakingthis adventure with us, as well as for all the laughs and countless priceless memories we have shared together. We would also like to thank Mathieu Dhani for filling in on vocals for our frontman David AB once again, as well as our soundman Dug, plus all the local bands who shared the stage with us, the promoters involved, the kind souls who have welcomed us in their homes and all the mechanics that helped keep our van alive during this treacherously long trip, thus ensuring that we never missed a single show!

We also want to thank you, the fans (old & new) for being the best fans we could ask for. A lot of you drove many hours to see us and a lot of you have been waiting to see us in America for

nearly 15 years and we are glad to have finally shared these moments with you.

We hope it was worth the wait.

As you know, touring America is expensive for foreign bands like us, due to the large sum of money that is required to fund P2 Visas on our own. We would also like to invest in a better van to get back on the road and play America again ASAP. Buying tour leftover merch directly from us is the best way to help us. This can be done via Loudtrax and our own label, Productions TSO. Paypal donations can also be sent as a gift to Until next time, folks!

Ataraxie TS (S, M) De Chair & De Haine LS (Small only) De Chair & De Haine TS (S, M, L, XL) First Fragment / Andrew Lee Split cassette Gloire Éternelle cassette Gloire Éternelle LS (Medium only) Inel TS (S, L, XL) Inel LS (L, XL) La Veuve & Le Martyr TS (XL only) White Logo TS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) White logo patches Logo caps Psychan TS (S only) Recueuil Des Ages TS (S, M, L)

We also have a few leftover designs up for sale from past tours (Dasein era).

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