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News : First Fragment announce partnership with Loudtrax ; releases new music video

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Montreal-based technical/neoclassical death metal group First Fragment have made the announcement that loudtrax, a Longueuil-based merch distro, will be handling distribution and sales of the band's merch, as IFmerch have announced the closing of their online shops. Thus ends a 7 year old relationship between First Fragment and IFmerch. In addition, the band has released a new video of their 2010 hit song "Paradoxal Subjugation", originally filmed at "Le National" in Montreal in December 2018. Here is a statement from the band regarding the video : "The followup to Dasein is still in progress. There are no change of plans whatsoever. It will be a 2021 release so there is nothing due this year. We just felt like releasing a video of an old song because we couldn't, nine years ago! Nick Miller, Forest and Nicholas Wells are in this video but not in the audio itself because the song was recorded in 2009 when the band was a trio. Phil Tougas recorded solos/rhythm guitar/bass and original member Gabriel Brault-Pilon (whom is not seen but heard) did rhythm guitar/bass. David did vocals. Just to clarify : Yes, Nick Miller, Nicholas Wells and Forest will be on our 3rd release. Yes, they are involved in the songwriting, and so is former guitarist and co-founder Gabriel Brault-Pilon! Yes, they are permanent members. No, we will not rerecord anything from the EP and the audio from the cameras was not clear enough! Many also requested a gula music video but we will not do that. There's already two playthrough videos out for this song, plus some of the guitar parts are partially improvised when played live - we have never played that song identically from one show to another. Paradoxal is the only song we play identical (or almost) to the recording because we like to change things up."

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