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Live Report : First Fragment @ Leipzig, Germany by Silence Magazine

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Via Silence Magazine (Translated) : FIRST FRAGMENT will be on stage from 8:30 p.m. A fairly young band that cannot be taken away from the bread in the cutting-edge, crystal-clear sound. Thanks to neoclassical structures such as inserting waltzes, it not only stirs, but also grooves and sways to itself. Growls and screams are served alternately, pushing the whole story into the death track. FIRST FRAGMENT do not miss the opportunity to present detailed solos after two thirds of their season, to celebrate and cheer each other on . I see they're having a blast! And that's contagious.

They also take their own guitar runs, which they sometimes double and perform in a highly ironic manner. A swipe at power metal? Perhaps. In any case, I have to laugh a lot. The set is - as freaky and tiring as it is - entertaining as it were . After 30 minutes the boys are done with their performance. Meanwhile, the Conne Island his eagerly awaiting the next chapel. The sound check promises one thing, namely music of the brand.


ALLEGAEON rumble off properly and do not deny their penchant for death. The bass drum is given such a thick trigger that the sound makes all hairs shimmer . In addition to growls, higher shouts are installed, which bring some variety. The rest are rather uninspired and predictable . The guitar solos are quite generic, as are their songs in general. Only one or the other pelvic freak makes me listen briefly. And yet - there is no atmosphere at all . At least not for me. The engagement of one of her colleagues, who jumps across the stage with a whiskey bottle and handheld camera, films and provides the guitarists with alcohol, offers slight entertainment potential.


If it weren't for the hackneyed moves ... Well, the main thing is that the boys have fun. And they clearly have it. The theater makes me smile rather wearily . Shot changes to Uffda changes to vacuum cleaner via hair dryer back to shot. I don't want to question ALLEGAEON's technique or precision . Emerging mistakes are routinely dubbed. Only they do not meet my taste in their musicality. Perhaps subtleties are made dead by the consistently prevailing extreme volume. And yet, the club continues to fill up. People seem to like what they see and hear. Before the half-hour set ends, I go out to relax my head a little - until FALLUJAH release the steamroller onto the crowd.

I can feel the break immediately after starting the game. The Californians get started and are from the first moment of the show much more differentiated and varied on the road than their predecessors. The voice is powerful and goes well with the rest of the band. The growls prevail and bring a pleasant roughness to the thing. As already mentioned in the previous report , I can not do anything with FALLUJAH so far . Here it turns out, however, that the change in sound that comes with the change of vocalists knows how to pick me up. But there was also an innovation on the guitar front. After Brian James left the band recently, ALKALOID guitarist Danny Tunker jumped in for the tour. 


The drummer is just a precise beast on the set and cuts everything away at a hell of a pace. It pushes properly under the flat basic sound. The band knows how to keep a good mix between grit and atmosphere. I am extremely pleased that the latter has air at all. And that it is not just being jested. I remembered their structures much more clearly. But what dampens my enthusiasm a bit is the fact that the atmospheric parts are sometimes very wide and I have to resist a slight yawn . And that there is still a deafening volume in Conne Island .

I get advice from people who are more into the material of the band that the set mainly plays songs from the second and third albums. In between, they present two new songs, which have found their place on the upcoming album. As the band is live today, it could actually be something with me and the new album. I'm curious! At least they leave me completely satisfied after their almost three-quarter hour set. I could say the same about the headliner - if I didn't look and listen too closely  . And, if I don't recall their much better show of the “Acroasis” tour .


Before OBSCURA enters the stage, two concert goers camp in front of the stage. A bit silly, if you look at the rather loosely filled location. But maybe this is a fitting picture to show the affection that some may feel for the boys. Anyway. During the set, these two young people should not remain the only ones who adore the chapel for their playful achievements . The middle-aged men in front of the stage are also remarkable. "Told you so! The boy is great! He's really got it! ” and the camera is being handled by Linus Klausenitzer , who then aligns and interacts with his posing. Yes, he is probably one of the good proofs that bassers don't always at the bottom of the show’s food chain .

Overall, I feel that there is a lot more posting and messing about than two years ago. But somehow the band doesn't seem to be quite at it . Maybe it's frustration with the number of visitors, their laziness, or something else. Frontman Kummerer quickly complains that it is too quiet in front of the stage. It seems to me to be less frustrating and encouraging than rather frustrated. Maybe I'm wrong with the assessment. In the course of the show, he then begins to belly-killing . He was happy to be back in Leipzig and that people came to the concert during the week.

Yes, it is probably a well-known place, this Leipzig. Even today there are two counter-events. MADRUGADA are playing in the  sold-out Plant II and HEXVESSEL is making  guest  appearances in the band house . Not bad for a Tuesday night!

But something is wrong tonight. Schießbuden- Lanser is dreaming, must be addressed because he simply does not start a song. And at times he and the rest of the band are miles apart - happens to the best and is simply outplayed alongside a few confused and amused looks between the other band leaders . Guitar solos are also gambled. Perhaps at this point the extension of posturing goes at the expense of quality. Maybe this is just a trick, another level of progressiveness . Who knows?! 


In addition to these obvious failures, the band brings the well-known performance on stage. OBSCURA create atmospheres. Floating bass lines flow under  difficult guitar frills  - Rafael Trujillo is wonderful to look at again - and a rough, but still pleasantly audible voice. I just like the mix they present. They only put four songs from “Diluvium” into the set - less than half of the total of eleven songs played. “Emergent Evolution” is used directly as an opener and works well as a straight show start. Some would say: hit after hit a hit.   Between “Akroasis” hits like “Ten Sepiroth” and “Perpetual Infinity” “Omnivium” opener “Septuagint” (unfortunately the only song on this album this evening) and an extensive bass solo find their place in the set. They keep the crusher “Anticosmic Overload” for the addition of their 90-minute playing time and thus noticeably increase my mood.

I drive home a little euphoric (when do you feel you can hear all the notes on the evening ?!) and I am happy to have been able to experience a successful band package again. The fact that it had to be so loud all evening is a downer. And I'm curious whether this impression will come up at the next concert in Conne Island - or whether it is due to the genre or traveling sound engineers. The fact that OBSCURA lagged behind my expectations in retrospect is wailing at the highest level. However, a comparison to the 2016 tour is allowed. And at least FIRST FRAGMENT knew how to entertain and FALLUJAH took me with them. Originally written for

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