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Guitar showcases : Eternity's End shows off "Into Timeless Realms" solo section off new album

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Eternity's End has released a new playthrough video of "Into Timeless Realms", the opening track for the band's critically acclaimed 2nd album "Unyielding". Inspired by the likes of Running Wild and Savage Grace, "Into Timeless Realms" spices things up by adding a furious neoclassical-inspired solo section in the middle part of the song which is being demonstrated here.

From the band's label RAM IT DOWN : "Power Metal the fast and furious way, anyone? Look no further, the sophomore album by ETERNITY’S END will be released on march 22nd!

The band consists of current and former members of a.o. Symphony X and Hibria. „Unyielding“ succeeds 2016’s debut „The Fire Within“ and its combination of razor-sharp guitar riffs and soaring vocals will make every power metal fan cry out in joy. It’s the perfect blend of power, speed and neoclassical elements. ETERNITY’S END is:

Iuri Sanson - Vocals Christian Muenzner - Guitars Phil Tougas - Guitars Jimmy Pitts - Keyboards Mike Lepond - Bass Hannes Grossmann - Drums"

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