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News : Chthe'ilist postpones US tour amid Coronavirus crisis ; announces partnership with PyrePress

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak that has struck the world, Chthe'ilist announced that its first US tour with Rippikoulu and Nucleus would be postponed until further notice. Here is the statement from Gatekeeper Productions regarding this unfortunate turn of events :

The Rippikoulu, Chthe'ilist and Nucleus tour has been postponed until further notice. We were unable to reschedule this tour right away despite our original intentions due to work schedule conflicts that will only get resolved when the smoke clears. That being said, this tour will be rescheduled as soon as the situation permits. Each promoter including ourselves will be honoring the tickets purchased at the rescheduled show. Refunds will also be given upon request with your local promoter. Many people have been asking what they can do to help during this time. Most of you know that buying merchandise from the bands will help immensely with the costs put into printing tour merchandise. We would also like to bring light to the fact that many of the promoters we worked with on this tour own their own venues. Our company would be nothing without these fantastic establishments and promoters we get the pleasure to work with so we would like to encourage buying their official merchandise or a ticket to a show (whether you intend on going or not) if you are able to help during these trying times. We have included some links below where you can purchase merchandise or find their events online. Rippikoulu Chthe'ilist Nucleus Chthe'ilist has also announced its new partnership with North-American printing company Pyrepress to recover financial losses. Those wanting to support Chthe'ilist financially may be able to procure themselves band merch at this location.

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