The collective known as Productions TSO. has launched its new merchstore and has announced the cassette release of First Fragment's latest album Gloire Éternelle & the debut solo album from Andrew Lee. Productions TSO is a record label and distro specialized in various metal subgenres as well as an international collective of bands directly associated with the numerous musical works of its founder Phil Tougas. Links & general info below :

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Quebec Extreme Neoclassical Metal outfit First Fragment's newest offering, GLOIRE ÉTERNELLE, is officially out today on all streaming platforms. The band has issued this statement :

"GLOIRE ÉTERNELLE is out now and can be streamed in full! 14 years of hard work have led to this record. We dedicate this album to you all & to all shred maniacs worldwide. We also dedicate this album to the fallen : Luc Pilon, William John Bill Wells & Gerald Tougas - rest in eternal glory

10 SONGS. 71 MINUTES. 220 RIFFS. 100 SOLOS. 320 IMPERIAL GALLONS OF TEARS FROM THOSE WHO FEAR THE SHRED The album can be streamed in full via bandcamp :

First Fragment is :

David AB - Lead & backing vocals (mids, highs, yells) Phil Tougas - Lead, rhythm & classical guitars, backing vocals (lows, highs, gurgles, yells), keyboards, effects, intros, additional percussions Nick “Thriller” Miller - Lead & rhythm guitars Dominic “Forest” Lapointe - Fretless lead bass Nicholas “Le Fou” Wells - Drums. percussions & additional back vocals (yells)

for all other relevant links, click on :

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Quebec-based Extreme Neoclassical Metal band First Fragment has released a new single titled "Solus" off their upcoming album "Gloire Éternelle coming out on October 29th. The band comments :

“Our 3rd single SOLUS is quite different from either of the singles we have released thus far. It also draws a lot of inspiration from the ’80s greats like Joey Tafolla, Cacophony, Elegy, Coroner, Apocrypha & of course Yngwie Malmsteen to further showcase a facet of our sound which we like to classify as ‘extreme neoclassical metal’ – a rare genre where the vocals and drumming are closer to extreme metal while the non-death metal string work remains much closer to neoclassical power metal. While the previous two singles focused on swing grooves or highly complex neoclassical counterpoint fused with death metal, this song is pretty much an homage to the band’s old school influences and contains less blastbeats than usual, giving more room for the dancing guitars and lead bass to express themselves. Enjoy and keep spreading the word!

The band also made a statement concerning the status of the vinyl release of the upcoming album as well as the health condition of their drummer Nicholas wells :

Gloire Éternelle is coming out next month on October 29th as planned, but the vinyl release has been delayed to next March. This is out of our control and also out of our label's control. There are multiple massive delays in most vinyl pressing plants throughout the world. It sucks but it is what it is. That also means a re-issue for Dasein will come later than planned, in the summer of 2022. People who ordered the vinyl will get a download code.
Our drummer Nicholas Wells was involved in a car accident. He is okay, but he has injured his ribs. We have therefore decided to wait to 2022 to play shows. We definitely want to book a proper Canadian tour and a 2nd European tour in the winter or spring of 2022 as we are craving to go back on stage, and we are on the lookout for offers to play in the US in 2022 as well. In the meantime, send him some love and support. He needs it.

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