Florida-based Doom/Black/Death Metal outfit Worm has released the following statement :

"Our new lead guitar player is Wroth Septentrion whom you may know through his work in Atramentus/Chthe'ilist/First Fragment. His first contributions to the band will be on the bLUENOTHING EP. His unique sound has added a new depth to our coven and I cannot wait for all of you to hear. Expect a whole new level of necromantic shred…Expect bLUENOTHING to come out at the end of 2022 through 20 Buck Spin if everything goes to plan."

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The Progspace have announced their picks for best album of 2021 and have nominated First Fragment as well as Phil Tougas, Dominic "Forest" Lapointe & Nicholas Wells for best guitar, bass, drums performance of 2021 respectively. Votes can be cast here : https://theprogspace.com/the-progspace-awards-2021-vote-for-your-favourite-musicians/

Here is a statement from the site :

"You will find 17 categories this time, with 12 nominees in each category. Out of 392 releases, 195 performances, 92 music videos, 46 cover artworks and 27 streaming events, these nominees have been thoroughly selected in a process of internal voting by our staff located all over the world.

The categories and nominees aim to comprise a diverse selection of genres and styles, thus representing a good selection of progressive rock, metal and related subgenres. Today and tomorrow, we will be highlighting the nominees in each category, but of course, you can already check if your favourites are among them, either in the poll directly on our website or here in our little announcement trailer ":

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Copies may be obtained via 20 Buck Spin & Productions TSO.

20 Buck Spin comments : "An intermission of sorts between Voidceremony’s 2020 debut LP ‘Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel’ and the in progress eventual 2nd LP, ‘At the Periphery of Human Realms’ acts as brief sketch of where the band’s creative minds continue to roam. And while the first track, referencing the debut LP in title, is likely to later appear in altered form, the other tracks are to remain frozen in time on this promo. "

1. Entropic Reflections Continuum (0:00) 2. Interlude: Lamentations Incorporeal (5:14) 3. Tenebrous Lucidity (6:38)

Vocals/Guitars: Wandering Mind Guitars/Vocals: Hyperborean Apparition Bass: Great Righteous Destroyer Drums: Charlie Koryn Guest composition: Time Sorcerer

Produced by VoidCeremony Artwork by Shoggoth Kinetics Logo by Kyle Bowen Layout by Labelskum Mixed/Mastered by Charlie Koryn

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