Copies may be obtained via 20 Buck Spin & Productions TSO.

20 Buck Spin comments : "An intermission of sorts between Voidceremony’s 2020 debut LP ‘Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel’ and the in progress eventual 2nd LP, ‘At the Periphery of Human Realms’ acts as brief sketch of where the band’s creative minds continue to roam. And while the first track, referencing the debut LP in title, is likely to later appear in altered form, the other tracks are to remain frozen in time on this promo. "

1. Entropic Reflections Continuum (0:00) 2. Interlude: Lamentations Incorporeal (5:14) 3. Tenebrous Lucidity (6:38)

Vocals/Guitars: Wandering Mind Guitars/Vocals: Hyperborean Apparition Bass: Great Righteous Destroyer Drums: Charlie Koryn Guest composition: Time Sorcerer

Produced by VoidCeremony Artwork by Shoggoth Kinetics Logo by Kyle Bowen Layout by Labelskum Mixed/Mastered by Charlie Koryn

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The collective known as Productions TSO. has launched its new merchstore and has announced the cassette release of First Fragment's latest album Gloire Éternelle & the debut solo album from Andrew Lee. Productions TSO is a record label and distro specialized in various metal subgenres as well as an international collective of bands directly associated with the numerous musical works of its founder Phil Tougas. Links & general info below :

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Quebec Extreme Neoclassical Metal outfit First Fragment's newest offering, GLOIRE ÉTERNELLE, is officially out today on all streaming platforms. The band has issued this statement :

"GLOIRE ÉTERNELLE is out now and can be streamed in full! 14 years of hard work have led to this record. We dedicate this album to you all & to all shred maniacs worldwide. We also dedicate this album to the fallen : Luc Pilon, William John Bill Wells & Gerald Tougas - rest in eternal glory

10 SONGS. 71 MINUTES. 220 RIFFS. 100 SOLOS. 320 IMPERIAL GALLONS OF TEARS FROM THOSE WHO FEAR THE SHRED The album can be streamed in full via bandcamp :

First Fragment is :

David AB - Lead & backing vocals (mids, highs, yells) Phil Tougas - Lead, rhythm & classical guitars, backing vocals (lows, highs, gurgles, yells), keyboards, effects, intros, additional percussions Nick “Thriller” Miller - Lead & rhythm guitars Dominic “Forest” Lapointe - Fretless lead bass Nicholas “Le Fou” Wells - Drums. percussions & additional back vocals (yells)

for all other relevant links, click on :

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