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Review : Vengeful - Karma MMXIII by

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Via (translated) : "I want to shoot intentionally and provocatively in the direction of labels or their responsible for not signing Vengeful : yes, are you all deaf ???

VENGEFUL from Canada push one hot board after another into the race on their own and no sow feels able to make this fantastic band a reasonably reasonable offer? Can't be true! No, of course, understand, there are other styles in order, of course ... They are not, damn it! It has to be over with this crappy hype of metalcore, dumpling-dumpling-core, interchangeable melo-crap with all these unspeakable children's melodies and this disgusting exultation of pure courage and lack of imagination. Is it all about money and no longer about good, independent music? Classic Death Metal was never dead either and is still consumed just like Tech Death or top brutal blast thunder. Something has subsided, already possible, but then, because these bands are (have to) do more and more on their own and because of the oh so basic label bosses pure ignorance prevails. As a result, there are not quite as many really good bands in the sector that are worth it. And, shit again, VENGEFUL is worth it, something from! Open your ears! Are you all deaf, damn ax again?

VENGEFUL have completely reworked their first album "Karma" (2007) and re-recorded them with their current line-up. Original singer Marc-André Grenier, who actually said goodbye to singing, once again declared himself ready to take a seat behind the microphone for this new recording and did his job better than ever. With fat old-school sound, which means now without plastic snare and without over-triggered drums, the musicians thunder around their founder and creative head Jean-Marie Leblanc through the album and mix claims in the form of dizzying guitar rattles, seemingly tricky Parts and crazy drumming with ultra brutal hardness and uncompromising. "Karma MMXIII" builds up so much pressure that you inevitably have to increase the volume level, to fully grasp this bolt mill and enjoy it in its full brutality. There are twelve here, from front to back.

The former eight regular pieces have been preserved, even if only seven tracks can be found on the new “Karma”. The "Burial", which was formerly split into two parts, was combined into one unit and the probably unnecessary gap was closed. The exotic guitar piece " Mortem Obire"has been omitted for the new album version. The playing times of the individual pieces have also changed slightly and sometimes a minute or two has been added or something has been shortened because the bolting is faster. Overall, VENGEFUL are now presenting their debut the way they wanted it back then, with good sound and even more booms in the cheeks. Anyone who can do something with "The Omnipresent Curse" (2009) and the double annihilator self-titled simply with "Vengeful" (2011) has to pull in "Karma MMXIII", because even if it is "only" a new recording of their debut, the disc does not sound at all like a warm infusion, but like a fresh wall of hatred, brutality, death and darkness. I don't want to go into much more detail because you can squash an album." 9/10

Originally written by Matthias for

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