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Review : First Fragment - Dasein by Pasif Agresif webzine

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Via Pasif Agresif Webzine (translated) : Today, among the few very good technical death metal albums released this year, we are talking about an album that shines like an archaic organism in an extraterrestrial forest identity.

FIRST FRAGMENT (another band of ZEALOTRY), another group of Philippe Tougas, the main man of CHTHE'ILIST, which is among the new kings of the world with “ Le dernier crépuscule ”, one of the undisputed best albums of this year . very nice, I'll write it soon); a group that greets us from Canada and makes the technical death metal name so much right.

Although FIRST FRAGMENT was established for 9 years, they had to wait a long time to release their first album. The album was of course written during this time. Except for Prélude en sol dièse mineur and Archétype, all of the songs in “Dasein” are songs written between 2010-2014. Another feature that makes the album interesting is; “Dasein” is the first album from Canada to date, all with French lyrics, and FIRST FRAGMENT is the first band to deal with a US company (Unique Leader) in French. Does this affect the listening experience? No. The lyrics largely serve as a filling material on music. When there was such a superior guitar usage, words could not be expected to come forward.

Considering the album, "Dasein" brings together nineties and two thousand of technical death metal in a delightful harmony. The solo usage of “Dasein”, which is used in full doses of neo classical elements and where the Suiçmez / Münzner school is successfully continued, is among the most shining elements of “Dasein”. Speaking of Münzner, the German guitarist shows off his solo skills in the fifth song, Mordêtre et dénaissance, in a fluent way. Another guest guitarist is Mathieu Marcotte from AUGURY. He's getting it on Archétype.

What I like the most about FIRST FRAGMENT is that the group offers pure technical death metal without getting into modern currents, without interfering with deathcore or other types of experiments. In the album, which was cast by all the musicians, the drummer Troy Fullerton, whom we know from SEVERED SAVIOR, offers an animal-like performance. Another shining star of “Dasein”, which is written by Tougas, who is the CHTHE'ILIST person responsible for the solos and half of the songs, is Vincent Savary, with a bass writing that is felt in every song that is heard from very enjoyable hands. Like 24-year-old Tougas, he performed a very mature performance for his age.

The main special part of the album is “going beyond pressing too many notes”, which is one of the biggest problems of technical death metal bands and albums. FIRST FRAGMENT definitely manages to create an atmosphere in this sense. The songs have their own characters and highlights. With the band Le Serment de Tsion and Dasein, we witness that the acoustic and bass guitar in the Prélude en sol dièse mineur offers delicious jazz and Latin influences, while Prélude en sol dièse mineur is stunned.

There is a feeling in the album that supports the verbal theme that I don't understand because of French. This situation is clearly felt among the songs where the blood pressure increases and decreases. But above all, what makes “Dasein” good is rif and song writing, of course. The group skillfully combines many things, highly creative riffs, countless tempo changes, the use of guitars that get there and get there, all of which make "Dasein" an extremely memorable technical death metal album.

If you like the genre, listen very clearly. There will be many things you will like without hesitation. You will say “what's going on” with the entrance of L'Entité and you will be curious about the rest as the water of your mouth flows with the animalism of the first two pieces. One of the best of the year awaits you for listeners who have set their hearts on technical death and haven't listened to "Dasein" yet. 8.5 / 10

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