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Review : Eternity's End - Unyielding by

Via (translated) : "After their promising debut album "The Fire Within" from 2016, the Heavy Metal band Eternity's End returns to the attack with their second full-length release, titled "Unyielding" . This album comes with important changes in the formation of the group, starting with the departure of veteran English vocalist Ian Parry , giving way to Brazilian Iuri Sanson (ex- Hibria ). To this is added the arrival of the well-known Mike LePond from Symphony X , in addition to the incorporation of a second fixed guitarist, the Canadian Phil Tougas . They are joined by the founding members Christian Münzner(guitar), Jimmy Pitts (keyboard) and Hannes Grossmann (drums).

Münzner , leader and main composer, explained in a recent interview that the changes in the line-up had to do in part with the new musical direction of the project, wanting to take the technique and speed to the extreme, with a more aggressive approach than on his album. debut. Furthermore, these changes were influenced by the future projects of each musician, since Eternity's End is currently a priority for Münzner , who even contemplates the possibility of playing live with the band. On the other hand, we have four nationalities in a group of six members, so it seems difficult to bring them all together at the same time.

But entering fully into the music, the album opens without further ado at full speed with Into Timeless Realms , where we immediately notice the intention to reinvent the sound of the band towards a more direct and less rock heavy Heavy Metal than "The Fire Within" . The theme knocks us out like a hammer to the nape of the neck and allows the new members to shine. LePond's input is clear from the start, with dizzying bass arrangements. Sanson's voice is also a perfect fit for this new sound, reaching high notes only audible to bats. Grand opening for this futuristic adventure.

Cyclopean Force is in charge of continuing the action, and from the initial cry " All Right !" We know that a glorious and energetic song awaits us. The pace is a little more varied, going from halftime to explosive extreme speed segments. Midtones are more predominant in the vocal line, revealing other areas of the Iuri register, which in this case feels more natural and less forced. Unyielding , the song that gives the name to the plate, marks a brake step and a break after such a frantic start, allowing them to explore the most melodic side of their sound.

Blood Brothers (The Oath) , the first preview of the album, is a classic song with an epic and battle stamp. Highlights are the perfectly timed guitar harmonies of Münzner and Tougas , which seem to have played together a lifetime. The chorus is catchy and the backing vocals are reminiscent of HammerFall . For its part, Dreaming of Cimmerian Shadows is an interesting instrumental in which they delve into the technical part, with amazing guitar solos and the immeasurable contribution of Jimmy Pitts , who gets applause for his work on keyboards. They are the best passages on the album.

Horizonless is a calmer and more introspective song, which serves to give the album a little balance and a breather, but which in the end is quickly forgotten. It is one of the weak points of the album IMHO. In contrast, Under Crimson Moonlight is everything we expect from a Power Metal genre play: swift, pompous, and melodic, with a chorus meant to be shouted with the raised fist at full blast. The atmosphere is closer to the debut album of Eternity's End , also reminding us at times of the first Symphony X albums.

If Münzner's idea was to exploit a more aggressive and uncompromising sound, Necromantic Worship is the perfect statement of principles for this new attitude. The song is brutal from start to finish and in particular Hannes Grossmann's work on drums is remarkable , perfectly accompanying the countless changes in rhythm. Triumphant Ascent is a correct halftime song, although it feels repetitive at times and lacks that element of surprise that makes a composition somewhat memorable. Perhaps this is one of the criticisms that can be made of this work in general, the lack of innovative elements.

The thing improves substantially with Beyond the Gates of Salvation , song that closes the album and with which this story comes to an end. It is a bombshell once again full of virtuosity, speed and melody. The structure is more complex than in the rest of the songs, with a bass and keyboard interlude in the central section that is a real delicacy for the ears. The Japanese edition of the album includes The Arsenal as a bonus track . As a curiosity, this song was sung by Piet Sielck of Iron Savior , who also co-produced the album. We will have to wait a while to hear this song in the rest of the world.

In summary, "Unyielding" is an excellent successor to "The Fire Within" and marks an evolution towards a more direct and aggressive sound, leaving aside the more rock influences from the first album. Despite not offering many novelties from the compositional point of view, it is an undeniable display of virtuosity and musical performance. Especially the lethal pair of guitarists made up of Christian Münzner and Phil Tougas is going to give a lot to talk about among lovers of more technical Power Metal. We hope that things happen to be able to enjoy the power of this interesting musical project live, which is gradually taking shape and strength."

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