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Review : Eternity's End - Unyielding by Metal Archives

Via Metal Archives : "I can’t deny it; this album kills. ‘Unyielding’ is the second opus from Germany’s Eternity’s End, and it takes no fucking prisoners from the moment it begins until its galloping conclusion. The music here is like a very technical, highly neo-classical Iron Savior, which is no surprise, as Piet Sielck did post-production on this, and you can hear his influence from the beefy guitar tone to his signature backing choirs. This is melodically quite different from Iron Savior, functioning more like the bastard child of early Symphony X and Hibria jamming tunes from ‘Condition Red’. The Hibria comparison is an apt one, as the Germans have recruited ex-Hibria screamer Iuri Sanson for this one, and he puts in a pretty damn good performance. I’m not a huge fan of Iuri’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘Defying The Rules’, but for me, he lacks the dynamic and emotion of other Brazilian singers. He’s ideal for this high-octane stuff, though. He’s drowned out with reverb and delay, turning him into a digital entity at times, but his soaring highs and gritty mids fit this album like a spike-studded glove.

The vocals serve their purpose, to get us to sing along with those anthemic choruses, but this album is all about the guitars. It’s guitar porn, actually; just jagged riff after riff, neo-classical sweep after sweep, and nutso keyboard/fret-board noodling that is just mind-boggling in its speed and intricacy. It’s imposing as fuck. So much so that I bet it makes more than one aspiring guitarist smash his guitar in frustration and woe. ‘Unyielding’ dishes out high quality songs from start to finish, pretty much all pedal to the metal bangers, except for the melodious ‘Horizonless’, which is a nice break from the neck-snapping carnage. The album smashes out of the gate with the power of an armored truck in the shape of ‘Into Timeless Realms’ and the following smasher ‘Cyclopean Force’. Other highlights are the nasty ‘Necromantic Worship’, which thrashes away with a harder edge than the rest of the tunes, and then we have the tremendous closer ‘Beyond The Gates Of Salvation’, my favourite cut here. It’s just one galloping riff another with a great chorus and some of the best harpsichord handiwork I’ve heard in years.

This whole thing doesn’t give a fuck what year it is. This could’ve come out in 2003 on Massacre along with Time Requiem or Opus Atlantica. It’s monstrously faithful to the power metal blueprint, and abuses the fuck out of it, producing one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. I’m spinning it on a daily basis and just liking it more and more. It’s not the most original thing in the world, but you can take this to the bank: if you’re looking for ultra-hyper-spit-in-your-face crunchy power metal, this is your first port of call. Own it, and it will own you." 85/100

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