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Review : Chthe'ilist - Passage Into The Xexanotth by Pasif Agresif Webzine

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Via Pasif Agresif Webzine (translated) : "CHTHE'ILIST, one of the most talented and productive underground musicians of our time, which has been destroyed by its debut album " Le Dernier Crépuscule ", is heard by more people, CHTHE'ILIST is an exquisite dark metal, with a strong approach that echoes in the corridors and takes a strong approach. group. With the extraordinary guitar technique (4.28-5.30 solo of the song that gave EP its name) and the chaotic composition style that slips into carambola but never loses itself, and drums such as demolition from the BEYOND CREATION drummer, such as FIRST FRAGMENT , ZEALOTRY , FUNEBRARUM. CHTHE'ILIST soon became one of the underground favorites of a considerable segment. Although it is absurd for a person who listens to metal to make the mainstream / undergorund distinction, it is obvious that the incident has been underground, crawled and released poison by the general character of the group.

The main identity of the group, which talks about various fantastic topics, from Lovecraft to Legend of Zelda, constitutes concepts such as fear and depression. After the "Le Dernier Crépuscule" in 2016, Tougas, which has been continuing its various projects at full speed, appeared with a warm EP while waiting for the new CHTHE'ILIST album. "Passage into the Xexanotth", which consists of 2 songs, one of which is the CREMATORY cover (not the German gothic metal band, the Swedish death metal band CREMATORY that was active between 1989-1993), takes about 11 minutes and takes about 11 minutes. A work that reflects CHTHE'ILIST character and quality. EP, which is obviously not to open the time between the two albums, shows a death metal stance that everyone who likes “Le Dernier Crépuscule” will be instantly ill. The intertwined blurry riffs that want a thousand witnesses to say rif, gather drums that are not surprising for a moment; A delicious bass guitar that tears, vomits, throat bleeding vocals and a very audible mixing. Sulfur-smelling jet black sounds cloud created by all this, As for the answer to the question of why you should listen to half EP, this semi single, which is presented in a very minimal way, if you love death metal and want to listen to an unusually intense and blurred form of the genre, you can meet CHTHE'ILIST thanks to this EP and then You can head towards “Le Dernier Crépuscule”, one of his best albums. Remember the name of Phil Tougas"

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