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News : Zealotry enters studio for 3rd album ; announces appearance at Covenant Festival

Boston-Based Old School Progressive Death Metal group Zealotry have announced that they will be performing their first ever show in Montreal in late March alongside Adversarial and Dead Congregation at the Covenant festival. The group will be performing select cuts from their 2 albums "The Charnel Expanse" & "The Last Witness" with the aid of session guitarist Claude Leduc (Sutrah, Chthe'ilist) & session bassist Antoine Daigneault (Chthe'ilist, Sutrah) to complete the band's live line-up. In addition, the group has announced that they have begun working on their third full length album "At The Nexus Of All Stillborn Worlds" set to be released in late 2018 via Unspeakable Axe Records.

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