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News : Serocs new EP "Vore" streaming in full via MetalInjection

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Via Metal Injection : " Today we'll be focusing on international supergroup Serocs whose new EP, Vore, drops this Friday, June 26th via Everlasting Spew Records. As a long time fan of the band who has been covering them and helping with premieres since 2012's The Next, I'm psyched to share an early full stream of Vore with you all today.  As usual, you can read on below for more information about the EP, or, skip to the music stream below which is what matters most.

For those who are new to the group, Serocs play an advanced and unique form of technical brutal death metal that harkens back to the mid-to-late 90's and early 2000's era of tech-death and complex brutal death groups. The band's line-up is the stuff of legends and to make it simple, you can check out who is on the release here to save time. After almost a decade of covering the band, I am always fine to reiterate more of what they're about.

But, Vore speaks for itself and that's really the important part here for anyone new to the band. Vore consists of five incredibly dense new tracks alongside it's two final tracks that are updated versions of older Serocs material from years ago. For a band who has been around as long as Serocs, diminishing returns would often come into play as it does for most bands. Yet, I can confidently state that Vore is the project's finest hour from start to finish which is quite an impressive feat.

As usual, I asked the band if I could get some additional information and they kindly shared that "Vore is a concept EP that deals with humanity devouring everything in its path. Each of the tracks deals with something that humanity is (or has) destroyed. It is also called Vore because it's the 5th (V) release in what we consider the real catalogue of Serocs, after we became a full band (Demos & Rarities -> The Next -> AWTSWO -> Phobos/Deimos -> Vore). The music was mostly written by Antonio and Antoine, although there are a couple riffs that Phil had provided for Phobos/Deimos and a collaboration with our friend Quinn Medefesser on song 03. Phil also came back to record the solos on track 02. We have included 2 songs in a classic Serocs style and 2 experiments where we try something different. We are now working on our next full length, but hope this EP makes the wait easier.'"

I'm of the opinion that Serocs is one of the best brutal-minded tech-death bands around who are carrying on old traditions while updating and advancing them within a modern form that helps make what they do a sound all their own. You be the judge of that but at least check out our early stream of Vore a few times that's embedded below. You can pre-order the release from Everlasting Spew Records here and here. You can also follow the band over on the Serocs Facebook Page. Originally written by Austin Weber for Metal Injection

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