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News : Now offering guitar lessons via MoltenChops!

I am now offering hourly skype guitar lessons for intermediate to advanced metal guitar players. Through these courses, I aim to help, coach and guide fellow guitarists through the complex mechanics of heavy metal guitar stylings but more importantly, I aim to help them play what they hear in their heads and reach their goals. The knowledge I have gained over many years of touring and writing, producing and releasing numerous releases is openly shared through online classes that I dubbed MOLTEN CHOPS that have a primary focus on the following : -Exploration of guitar techniques & exercises -Improvisation, Guitar Meditation -Songwriting, counterpoint, harmony, theory

-Musical self-expression, confidence and conviction, fretboard fluidity -Production

The metal scene is a place for everyone and everyone who invests time into honing their craft to play this genre should have access to all the guidance, teachings and help they are able to get to make their dreams come true and enrich the musical scene. For more information about my hourly rates and to book a free consultation, please drop me a line at

Speak soon!

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