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News : Invisible Oranges premieres new First Fragment song off upcoming album "Dasein"

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Via Invisible Oranges : "Californian label Unique Leader has done a remarkable job of carving out a niche in the metal market for themselves. Most of their bands share the same sound: precise and highly produced, some might even call it glossy. And while grit's one of the four alchemical elements of metal in these parts, clarity does have its virtues. In the case of Candada's First Fragment, you really want to hear every note the band plays on their upcoming debut album, Dasein.

First Fragment is cut from the same technical death metal cloth as their label mates Arkaik, or the more well-known Obscura--former member Christian Münzner contributes a guest solo on Dasein--but draw influence from technical power metal bands like Racer X, as well as traditional flamenco. All those elements are on display in "Le Serment De Tsion," streaming below.

If all of that still sounds a bit pedestrian--after all this style of melodic and technical death metal is still ubiquitous--perhaps the group's membership might pique your interest. Philippe "Pat" Tougas, guitarist and vocalist of Chthe'ilist, handles the same duties in First Fragment, which makes Dasein the second debut album by one of his projects this year." Originally written by Joseph Schafer for

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