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News : Heavy Blog is Heavy premieres new First Fragment song off upcoming album "Dasein"

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Via Heavy Blog Is Heavy : "Tech death is fantastic. Ever since Necrophagist blew up the scene with Epitaph, bands are constantly pushing themselves to record super technical, extremely precise music to try and compete with it. While Necrophagist are likely dead and will never release another album (sorry everyone, but it’s been 12 years), we get some absolutely fantastic stuff in its place that have helped push the genre forward into new territory. First Fragment are one of those bands helping the cause, and their debut full length Dasein is due out next month, and it’s great. We’re extremely excited for them, and today we’re here to host a new track for them! Check it out!

The track is an absolute monster and adequately describes what kind of music you’re in for. From the awesome guitar solo in the middle to the fantastic leads, this album is sure to knock your socks off if you’re a fan of the genre, and even more so if you’re already a fan of the band. It definitely feels like the band is getting ready to take the world by storm, and these Canadians are on a mission to make their name known worldwide. Hopefully they get on some cool tours soon, because they really deserve the exposure. Be sure to like them on Facebook and preorder the album here!" Originally written by

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