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News : First Fragment announce new session drummer for "Dasein" recording sessions

First Fragment have announced the addition of Troy Fullerton (Severed Savior) in their ranks to record drums for their upcoming record "Dasein. Here is a statement from First Fragment : "Troy Fullerton of Severed Savior (Official) will be performing drums on our debut album. For those who are not familiar with their material, go listen to their last album, Servile Insurrection. His excellent drumming style will perfectly match our own material, and he will be recording later this year.

Since Troy lives far away in the USA, we are still looking for a drummer in our local area (Longueuil/Montreal/etc) to play shows. Contact us if you are up to the challenge and interested in playing with us.

Guitars and most bass for the album are now recorded and we are tracking solos and vocals very soon. We are also soon going to announce the guest musicians that will be featured on the album."

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