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Label News : Incandescence - Le Coeur De L'Homme CS out 6/2/2023 via TSO

Released by Profound Lore Records in 2022, Incandescence's latest opus "Le Coeur De L'homme" will also be released on cassette via TSO on June 2nd. Copies will be available at the band's next show in Montreal with Spectral Wound & Hysterical Blindness on the same date at Foufounes Electriques. If you wish to hear the album be performed live in its entirety, you should attend the show. As usual, the rest of the copies will be available on TSO's online distro found on LoudTrax's website afterwards.

Incandescence is :

Phil Boucher - Music / Instruments Louis-Paul Gauvreau - Lyrics / Vocals

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