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Guitar showcases : Christian Muenzner & Phil Tougas demonstrate new Eternity's End material

Eternity's End guitarists Phil Tougas & Chris Muenzner have released a video compilation to demonstrate new material that will be on their upcoming album "Unyielding", a video which also features keyboard work from Jimmy Pitts.

"This is a teaser video for Eternity's End upcoming album Unyielding. This is a compilation of a few umixed/un-reamped guitar and keyboard solos. Eternity's End is a German Power Metal founded by Christian Muenzner (Alkaloid, Ex Necrophagist), featuring myself on guitars, Iuri Sanson of HIBRIA on vocals, Mike Lepond of SYMPHONY X on bass as well as Jimmy Pitts (THE FRACTURED DIMENSION) on keyboards and Hannes Grossman (ALKALOID, ex Necrophagist) on drums. The album will be mixed soon by Piet Sielck of IRON SAVIOR who will also provide additional vocals on the recording. The album mixes German and Japanese power metal influences of the 2000s and late 90s together with 80s US power/neoclassical metal inspiration and will be released at the end of the year or winter 2019 if there are delays"

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