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News : Label name and new projects announced

Updated: May 4, 2021

-I have launched a label called Productions TSO. It will have licensing rights to re-issue and co-release some of my past and upcoming releases, namely the First Fragment album currently being mixed (though ULR handles the main release).

-I have two new projects in the works :

CRESTFALLEN - Epic Doom/Power Metal. Think of it as a blend between Memento Mori, early Solitude Aeturnus, ToC-era Candlemass and USPM bands like Fates Warning, Lethal and similar stuff with glass-shattering vocals. I think this one has so much potential already, despite how unusual this blend of subgenres is.

DICYMERIAN - Sci-fi Power/Speed Metal of the most technical kind inspired by the German/Japanese/Canadian/US/Brazilian/Shrapnel schools of the genre. The album will feature songs with a very aggressive edge. It will also feature the newer material I originally wrote for Eternity's End's 3rd album since the band and I parted ways earlier this year over creative differences. It is also my plan to do a re-recording/re-working of the song "The Arsenal" which I received permission to do so from Avalon/Marquee. With that said, I wish them the best of luck and do encourage people to check out the upcoming EE album despite my absence from it.

I don't expect to find vocalists for either bands anytime soon so it'll be a slow thing. These will be 2023 releases (if not later) as far as I'm concerned because it will take me a while to write the rest of both full length albums all while a new CHTHE'ILIST record is being composed. Both bands will also be thematically connected to the ever-expending ATRAMENTUS/CHTHE'ILIST lore.

-A New Voidceremony demo has been tracked. The cassette will be released by 20 Buck Spin eventually and will serve as a preview to what the band's next full length will be like.

-Stygian by Atramentus was re-issued by 20 Buck Spin once again.

-A new Cosmic Atrophy record is in the works.

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