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News : First Fragment begins recording 3rd album

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Canadian neoclassical/technical death metal band First Fragment have begun recording their 3rd album. The album will feature over an hour of new material, including the track "Soif Brulante" which has been part of the band's live setlist since 2018 and an epic 19 minute closer. The album is set to be released by Unique Leader Records sometime in the summer of 2021. This will be the band's first release with drummer Nicholas "Le Fou" Wells" (Pronostic), fretless bassist Dominic "Forest" Lapointe (Augury, Ex Beyond Creation) & 2nd guitarist Nick Miller (Killitorous, Unleash The Archers). Building upon the foundation laid on the band's previous releases, this 3rd record combines neoclassical, power & technical death metal together with flamenco, jazz and baroque classical music, boasting over-the-top twin-guitar work and most likely the highest number of fretless bass solos ever recorded on a metal album.

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