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"About 3 years ago, I started going through a vast library of digital files I had acquired over the years and started uploading numerous rare/unknown demos and albums on my youtube channel. My original intent was to post music from musicians whom influenced my work but a lot of people messaged me directly to thank me personally for helping broadening their musical tastes. I've eventually decided to take it further and I put together this small blog for those who truly wish to delve further into the depths of underground metal. Named after a Chthe'ilist song, the one true purpose of "The Vault" is to discuss, theorize, understand & appreciate the works of underground musicians and bands from all metal subgenres and beyond. My opinions are all biased of course, as they are purely written from a fan's perspective, whose sole wish is to transmit his theories, opinions, passion and knowledge to the best of his ability to all of those that are receptive enough. Despite this bias, I hope this blog helps you broaden your musical horizons by making you discover new musical artists or revisit old ones. Beyond being a fan, it is also imperative and vital for metal musicians to spread their knowledge and passion to their peers and audience alike, be it through their music or the music of those that have impacted them in any way. Riffs are like metal knowledge. Both are meant to be shared, spread and heard by those willing enough. It is also entirely possible that in the near future, The Vault may explore other ventures such as interviewing other like-minded artists or even hosting a podcast. Time will tell depending on the time I can put into it." -P. T.


The Vault Phil Tougas

The Vault

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