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Welcome to my website. I go by the name of Phil Tougas and I am a metal musician from the province of Quebec. I was born on October 11th 1991 and I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of musicians. My father and my two uncles founded DDT in the late 70s, known by many as the first heavy metal band to ever emerge from Quebec. As for my family on my mother's side, my grandfather, great grandfathers and grand uncles were known jazz, big-band & classical music composers. I first picked up the guitar at the age of 10 and formed my first band 2 years later. I've had my first taste of touring at the age of 14 as I performed with cover bands all over my province during the following year.
Since then, I've performed & toured in over 22 countries and have been involved with over 20 different bands, covering a wide range of musical genres ranging from Pop, Rock and Punk to multiple metal subgenres from Funeral Doom & Death Metal to Heavy/Power Metal. I have even delved into Blues and more recently, Dark Ambient and Synthwave. I am first and foremost a guitarist, but I have also taken it upon myself to occasionally handle lead vocal duties, bass, synths, programming, production, engineering, editing and visual design for some of my releases depending on my level of involvement with the band in question. As of today, I've put my name on over 60+ different recordings.

As for Productions TSO (TSO being short for The Stygian Oath), it is an international collective of numerous bands associated with my musical work and the engineering & producing works of Stygian Studios, operated by my father Pierre Tougas & Myself. Over the years, these musical acts have garnered national & international praise, released critically-acclaimed albums and toured the world.

This website has been built to promote the works of Productions TSO as well as my past, current and future musical endeavors, It also serves as a mean to promote my session work for underground metal bands that wish to hire me for session guitar work, to archive as much content as possible related to everything I've ever done and finally, to help me share my deep passion for all things heavy metal through my own music and my personal blog named "The Vault". 
Current bands :

First Fragment (Unique Leader Records), Guitar & Vocals
Chthe'ilist (Profound Lore Records) - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Synths & Bass
Atramentus (20 Buck Spin) - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Worm (20 Buck Spin) - Guitar
DDT (Return To Analog Records) - Guitar
Funebrarum (USA) (Pulverised Records) - Guitar
Voidceremony (USA) (20 Buck Spin) - Guitar
Cosmic Atrophy (USA) - Guitar, Vocals
Crestfallen - Guitar, Back Vocals

Dicymerian - Guitar
Hulder (USA) (20 Buck Spin) - Live Guitar

Past Bands : 
Eternity's End (GERMANY) (Ram It Down Records/Avalon), 2017-2021
Brought By Pain (Session), 2015-2020
Equipoise (USA) (The Artisan Era), 2017-2019
Serocs (MEX) (Everlasting Spew), 2011-2019
Zealotry (USA) (Unspeakable Axe), 2011-2018

Xexanoth, 2014-2017
Vengeful, 2011-2014

Incandescence (Deathbound Records) (Session), 2012-2013
Self Collapse (Session) 2011-2012
Terminality, 2011
Salvation, 2009-2011
Spheres, 2010
Senseless Shell, 2008-2010
X-Ode (Session), 2007-2008
Iron Fist, 2004-2007
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