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Q : What tunings do you use? 


A : Atramentus plays in G standard (6 strings). Chthe'ilist plays in G# standard (6 & 7 strings). DDT plays in E standard. Eternity's End plays in D standard. First Fragment plays in Drop B (six strings). Funebrarum plays in A standard (6 strings), Serocs played in B standard (six strings), Zealotry played in C# Standard, open B & open A# (six strings), Vengeful played in open A (six strings), Cosmic Atrophy uses standard tuning for 8 string guitars.

Q : What gear do you use? 

A : Jackson, Schecter, Ibanez & Gibson Guitars, Peavey Amplification, Marshall Cabs occasionally & Digitech/Boss/Ibanez pedals. I use Jazz III picks and Dunlop picks depending of the band I'm playing with.

Q : What string gauge do you use?

A : Daddario 10-56s for most of my bands and 13-68s for Funebrarum & Atramentus. Those are six-string sets.
I occasionally use Ernie Ball 10-64s for Chthe'ilist.

Q : Do you currently endorse any brands or products? 

A : No.


Q : How long have you been playing?

A : Since 2002


Q : Do you do guest solos ? 


A : Click here if you wish to know more about my rates. Otherwise, check out my discography to hear my session work.


Q : Have you studied music ? 

A : I took private lessons with Jean-François Jarry & Luke Man for a few years then I did my own thing and taught myself the rest


Q : Where can I buy your merch and cds? 

A : Click here to view Production TSO's shop. Otherwise, this linktree url may help you out also if you're looking for something a bit more specific. I also have listed numerous merch distros here


Q : Is your music also available on digital platforms (IE bandcamp/itunes/spotify/google play)? 

A : Click here to stream all my music. Individual links to spotify/googleplay/itunes/bandcamp pages will be found on each of the album's players. Otherwise, this linktree url may help you out also if you're looking for something a bit more specific. 


Q : Where can I find and purchase music tablatures of your bands?

A : Only Serocs sells tabs online. You may find them on Seroc's bandcamp pages. I otherwise don't sell digital tabs. Not into that idea for now. First Fragment is likely going to make tab books one day but not within the next year.



Q : Do you offer guitar lessons ? 


A : I do! For more information, click here. To book a free consultation, drop me a line at

Q : What is the best way to book one of your bands to play in my country/city?

A : Feel free to get in touch with the agencies I have linked in my "links" subpage. Heavy Talent handles Funebrarum, SPC & Continent Concerts handle First Fragment, Gatekeeper Productions handles Chthe'ilist, CEA Music handles EE.



Q : How many bands are you currently in?


A : Seven! It's always between 6 and 10 and it often changes though. Just depends of the year. The more the merrier.

Q : What's your favorite band out of all the ones you're in?

A : I'm tempted to say the ones in which I end up acting as producer but all of them are really important to me.

Q : What's your favorite band in general?

A : That changes literally every month.

Q : What are your other interests outside of playing music?

A : I like to write fiction, do some occasional (and minimalistic) graphic design and work out. I also love to read horror literature and about history. I also deeply love video games. 90s JRPGs are my favorites. I'd probably join the video game industry full time if not for my musical career.


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