For me, there are two kinds of tech death; The bands that do something extremely technical, and the bands that craft music, and that music ends up being technical. Think Decapitated and Gorguts as opposed to Obscura and Gorod. Both are valid, but the second style strikes closer to my heart. This EP proves that Montreal’s First Fragment are probably one of the best bands of the second category. Trust me when I say your you’re going to be blown away.

The EP opens with “Ordnance,” and straight away you know what’s in store for you. The guitars play their neoclassic lines, the drums blast away, but their drummer knows how to restrain himself and play it slow when the section demands for it. The bass isn’t really audible, but at the rare times you can hear mirroring the guitars, which usually play extreme yet tasteful melodies. The songs get better as you progress further into the EP, with the last 4 songs being an explosion of melodic virtuosity. The composition is thoughtful and intentional, progressive yet aggressive, and always catchy. “Ordnance” has a tasteful solo followed by a clean outro reminiscent of the instrumental tracks of Wretched on their album Beyond the Gate. There are heavier tracks like “Fake Repentance” and “Paradoxical Subjugation“, but they somehow remain melodic and catchy. There’s everything one could ask for in this release, if you want heavy, extreme, shred, atmosphere, neoclassical… it’s all here.

The instrumentation is top notch everywhere, slowing down when necessary to emphasize the heavy parts, all the while remaining both technical and beautiful. There’s even a piano intro on “Obsolete Ascendancy”, which is followed by another onslaught of riffs. It’s pretty clear that The Faceless are a huge influence for this band, closely followed by Gorod and a hint of Necrophagist. Even though the overall style is neoclassical, it never gets old because of their skillful balance of heaviness and tame riffs. For example, the title track opens with an excellent clean guitar that borders on Latin music, followed by a crushing section that suddenly turns into a supremely catchy riff backed by gravity blasts. By the time you reach the end of the album, your jaw will be on the floor and your brain will be on the wall, in pieces. I’m extremely excited with what these guys will do on their upcoming full length album.

There’s no end to my praise of the composition skills of this band, so I’ll force myself to stop and talk about the production. It’s not the best, but for an unsigned band, it’s pretty good. The guitar tone is clear, but lacks some punch. The drums aren’t grating but they could sound slightly natural. And the vocals, which are usually in the form of midrange growls, sound a little dry. But I prefer a slightly lacking production to an over the top loud production, so even in that sense the band delivers.

This EP is a rare gem in my eyes, an excellent example of technical death metal, with solos and riffs that can both impress the grumpiest music nerd while wrenching your heart out with classical melodies. While the guitars are clearly the highlight, the drumming is also up there with the bests of the genre, and the bass doesn’t let down either. The vocals could use some work, but they always compliment the music and never hinder it. This was my favorite EP of 2010, and I hope the band can get the recognition they deserve. Tech death fans, this album is phenomenal. You owe it to the music fan in you to check this out.

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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

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Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Via Lost In Chaos : (original & translated versions) : "Canadian scene sekali lagi bikin Gw terkejut dengan Band dasyat-nya,  First Fragment menjadi Mesin pembunuh Baru yang datang dari scene Metal Berbahaya didunia, menjadi side project dari beberapa band berbeda, formasinya adalah Gabriel Brault-Pilon (Senseless Shell) - Guitar / Back vocals, Phil "Pat'' Tougas (Salvation, Spheres, Senseless Shell), Lead Guitar / Back vocals, Vincent Savary (Hypothesis) - Bass, David Alexandre Brault-Pilon (Senseless Shell) - Lead Vocal serta Philippe Boucher (Incandescence) - Drums, bersatu membuat Komposisi dasyat mengerikan yang mereka rampungkan dalam sebuah Ep 6 lagu sebagai media promosi eksistensi band side project edan ini. typical bermainnya sangat mengingat sekali ma Origin Coy !!! ini yang gw suka banget, apalagi perpaduan karakter Necrophagist, Cynic, Psycroptic, Cryptopsy, Gorod hingga Spawn Of Possession begitu terasakan dasyat dielemen lagu mereka, Technical Death Metal that combines Melody and Intense Brutality !!! struktur musiknya serba Rapat dan Brutal !, bisa elo bayangin sendiri aja, kalo band ini menggunakan 3 Vokalis ( pada sesi Rekaman ini Cuman di jabanin sendiri oleh Vokalis David Alexandre Brault-Pilon ), sehingga terciptalah Karakter Origin yang dasyat, " Ordnance " track pembuka yang langsung bikin gw kagum dan terkejut !! Scene Kanada memang pantas menjadi Jaminan Mutu Band band Technical Brutal Berbahayanya. Shredding, Downstroke, hammer On serta Arphegio Riff diolah dengan sangat Cool dan speed melalui kerjasama yang sangat bagus, drummer Philippe terus konsentrasi dengan Hyperblast Rapat. Luapan Multiple Vokal saling Bersahutan mengisi Pattern Vokal. kemudian " Fake Repentance " malah semakin Gila kharakter permainannya dengan sangat rapat !! " Obsolete Ascendancy " dimulai dengan sebuah Klasik Piano yang tampil ibarat Shredding Riff sebelum akhirnya telinga kita dibombardir dengan Serangan Brutal Technical Death Metal yang rapat !!, " Quintessential Rebirth " juga hadir dengan clean Guitar bergaya Klasik penuh dengan sentuhan yang putus asa selama 01:40 dan selanjutnya seperti biasa, kita akan dibantai dengan part yang kejam! " The Afterthought Ecstasy " masih melakukan hal yang sama dibagian awal dengan track sebelumnya dan diakhiri dengan track " Paradoxal Subjugation " menjadi Ultimate Powerfully talenta band yang bermarkas di Longueuil, Quebec, Canada ini telah memperlihatkan karya yang gila gilaan, gw yakin Fans Technical Death metal ala Origin, Necrophagist, Cryptopsy, Spawn Of Possession, Cynic hingga Gorod akan sangat menyukai nama First Fragment yang saat ini sedang sibuk mencari label yang berminat dengan rilisan mereka selanjutnya dan yang pasti Karya mereka selanjutnya akan selalu masuk dalam Daftar Tunggu utama gw, karena Band band Canada scene selalu menjadi ancaman serius Internasional metal scene. First Fragment’s music incorporates both Technicality and brutality but somehow often remains melodic and catchy ... Listen Or Die !!

Amazzziiing Surpriseeeed! .... Canadian scene once again make Me shocked by his terrible band, First Fragment into machine New murderer who comes from Hazardous Metal scene in the world, became a side project of several different bands, their formation is Gabriel Brault-Pilon (Senseless Shell) - Guitar / Back vocals , Phil "Pat''Tougas (Salvation, Spheres, Senseless Shell), Lead Guitar / Back vocals, Vincent Savary (Hypothesis) - Bass, David-Alexandre Brault Pilon (Senseless Shell) - Lead Vocals and Philippe Boucher (Incandescence) - Drums to unite and make a terrible  composition that they finish in an Ep 6 songs as a medium for promotion of existence this wacky side project band. typical of play is given once a ma Origin Coy! this that I love it, let alone a combination of characters Necrophagist, Cynic, Psycroptic, Cryptopsy, Spawn Of Possession Gorod until it felt terrible dielemen their songs, Technical Death Metal That combines Melody and Intense Brutality! structure of the music department meetings and Brutal!, could imagine his your own , band using 3 Vocalist (on recording sessions This Just be in multiple Job  itself by vocalist David-Alexandre Brault Pilon), thus create a terrible Character Origins, "Ordnance" the opening track is immediately amazed and shocked I make!! Scene Canada deserve a Quality Assurance Technical Brutal Bands bands danger is. shredding, downstroke, hammer On and Arphegio Riff Cool and processed with great speed through the very good cooperation, drummer Philippe continued concentration with Hyperblast Meeting. overflow Multiple Pattern fill Vocal Vocal shouted to each other. then "Fake Repentance" Mad kharakter have even more game with a very tight! "Obsolete Ascendancy" begins with a Classical Piano that appears like a shredding riff before our ears are bombarded with Technical Brutal Death Metal Attack the meeting! "quintessential Rebirth" also comes with a full clean Classical Guitar style with a touch of despair during the 01 : 40 and then as usual, we will be slaughtered by a cruel part! "The Afterthought Ecstasy" is still doing the same thing beginning to track the previous section and ends with the track "Paradoxal Subjugation" Ultimate Powerfully talents into the band, based in Longueuil, Quebec, Canada has shown the work of the crazy madness, I'm sure fans the Technical Death metal ala Origin, Necrophagist, Cryptopsy, Spawn Of Possession, Cynic until Gorod would really like the name of the First Fragment currently busy looking for labels that are interested in their next release and the Their work would then be always included in the main Waiting List gw, because Canada's Band band scene has always been a serious threat to international metal scene. First Fragment's music incorporates both Technicality and Brutality but somehow melodic and catchy Often Remains ... Listen Or Die!"

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