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Live Report : Vengeful @ Foufounes Électriques by

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Via Metalsetlists : "I arrived in time to catch the two last songs of local melodic black metal openers Obscurcis Romancia. They were ok, I guess. Their style is pretty generic, with tons of

galloping riffs, they had tightness problems and they were totally static on stage. I

won't say they sucked, because they''re not an awful band, but they just had nothing


Next was the band I consider to play the best death metal in Quebec since Gorguts

and Cryptopsy. All three of their albums are crushing, dark and brutal masterpieces

that take your mind on a horrific psychological trip. Sadly, this was their last show

until a very long time. The band is releasing a new EP and a re-recorded version of

the first record, Karma, and going on an indefinite hiatus after that. This was my first

(and maybe last) time seeing them with the new line-up, featuring Phil from First

Fragment/Chthe'ilist on guitar, and it totally did justice to the albums. Emmanuel's

vocals were majestically tortured and furious, and the instruments would drown you

in low frequency mud. The sound was great, and it made their performance even

more hypnotizing. For Delirium and Cleansing, they brought their ex-bassist on

stage, and for "Nightmare" and "Transcending, they brought their ex-vocalist (the

one who sang on the records). The dual vocal attack took their performance to

another level of brutality, if that's even possible. The best moment was the closing

with the first half of their 21-minutes classic off The Omnipresent Curse (Tempted

was also only played until the half of the song). I'm going to miss these guys. Please

do me a favor and check them out. 

The last local opener was Unhuman, featuring Youri Raymond (ex-Cryptopsy) on

guitar and vocals and Kevin Chartré (from Beyond Creation) on lead guitar. What's

funny is that the band has existed for more than 15 year and still has not released

one single album, even if they have about 3 full albums ready to be released. They

play a mix of many genres: technical death metal, mathcore, jazz, punk rock, power

metal, etc. This, added to the wierd insect/alien vocals by Youri, builds into a very

wierd whole. They a great performance, which must have been pretty mindblowing

for non-initiates. Though, I always thought that their songs were uneven: a lot of

them sound like they lack purpose or direction. Also, Youri uses his unique inhaled

vocal technique way to often. It's cool and innovative, but sometimes it breaks the

intensity of the songs. Anyway, these guys are extremely skilled musicians, and the

three last songs they played were splendid. 

After that, it was the moment. Anaal Nathrakh's first canadian show, and the first

date of their first american tour ever. Many metalheads in Montreal had waited years

for this, myself included. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. An intro, that

was actually a mix of the ones to In the Constellation of the Black

Widow and Domine Non Es Dignus, played from the PA and they immediately bursted

into the title track of their 2009 album. It sounded like fucking armaggeddon;

nothing less. I can't remember seeing a live band that sounded more raw and

aggressive than them. Their live drummer is a fucking killing machine, and Dave's

shrieks and growls, consolidated by Drunk's (their live bassist - the guy from Fukpig)

depraved yelling and screaming, were ear shredding. The heavily distorted guitar

and bass tones also ripped faces. The crowd was not asking for anything more and

responded very positively to the assault: the pits were violent. Since the show was

far from being sold out, people had space to move, which made the pits even

rougher. Most of the times, the Fouf's floor ressembled an apocalyptic war zone.

There was nowhere to rest: you were attacked by people from every side, especially

from the stage. The band, Mick Kenny and the filling guitarist in particular, seemed

to have the times of their lives, always headbanging and jumping with a constant

smile on their faces, singing the lyrics with the few fans who knew them (I know,

this was actually some pretty awful self-indulgence, but deal with it ). Dave looked

just like what he had to be: pissed off. He actually looked like he meant every

scream. His incessant talking was also funny. At some point, he asked what we

tought about Obama's election and one of my anarchist friends yelled "Who gives a

fuck?". Bad idea - he suffered V.I.T.R.I.O.L.'s wrath.  Dave's banter was a bit

lengthy and it reduced the set's intensity, but it was still funny. Some highlights were

his rants about bands that do fake encores (the 3 last songs were their non-encore 

) and the introduction to "Of Fire, and Fucking Pigs", which was something like

that: "Pigs is an old saying for the human race, that's how we used to call them -

long pigs - and fire, well, that's the way I like to think about pigs and humans."

Indeed, this song is about bacon. However, although it was entertaining, he should

have talked a bit less and played a few more songs. In fact, their setlist somewhat

short (only twelve 3-4 minutes songs) and disappointing. Where the fuck were "Do

Not Speak" and "Pandemonic Hyperblast"? I just think that my expectations were unachievable. I thought that it would be the best show of my entire life, but the

briefness of the set spoiled it a little. Still, I wanted to see Anaal Nathrakh, and I've

seen Anaal Nathrakh - I'm happy. Also, the set didn't only have flaws: the new

songs, above all & "Forging Towards the Sunset" sounded great live and "When Fire

Rains Down from the Sky..." was one of the best things I've ever heard a band play.

A memorable show."

Originally written by Pascal Rivard for

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